Stick to Game Plan and Cards Should be 2-0


It will definitely be a challenge this weekend for the Arizona Cardinals against the Washington Redskins.  Different time zone.  Different roster than last season. Quarterback Kevin Kolb gets his first road test as the starter for the Cards.  If things start going south on Sunday, stick to the plan I say.  If you let one mistake get to you, that turns into two mistakes and then it just snowballs from there.  The Skins aren’t world beaters, but they can win a game against an NFC West opponent at home.  The Cards know it will be tough, let’s just hope they act like it on Sunday.
The Cards travel east tomorrow to adjust to the time zone change.  It’s probably a smart move but all I care about, all the fans care about, is the bottom line.  No matter what got you there or in what manner or time was it done in, reality says you still have to go and outplay a team that just beat the New York Giants on that same field by two touchdowns a week earlier.

Granted, Rex Grossman had a nice day against a depleted Giants secondary.  That being said, the Cards secondary might as well have been standing on the sidelines as well, giving up 422 yards passing to Cam Newton.  Oh sure, there will probably be big plays for the Skins on Sunday.  You can’t let one big play though ruin the whole day.

See, that’s the thing, we don’t know how this team will react when the chips are down on the road.  We may find something out about that on Sunday.  I have confidence that Kolb will get the job done on his end.  Can the defense keep its end of the bargain?