Too Many Mistakes, Little Defense, Doom Cards in 22-21 Loss


I’m not sure what to make of the end result of the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Washington Redskins 22-21 on Sunday.  The scoreboard suggests it was a close game throughout.  In reality, Arizona had an eight point lead with five minutes left and had the chance to put the game away.  In the same reality, the Skins probably could have scored, should have scored 45 today since the Cards had no defense and the Redskins re-defined ball control, controlling the ball for almost 22 minutes of the 30 minute first half.

At times it appeared though the Skins could not win today despite the ball control, thanks to two Rex Grossman interceptions, one near the end zone, a blocked field goal.  Until the last five minutes it looked as if no matter what the Skins did on offense, their mistakes would beat them. That is, until you realize what a circus the other side of the ball is.  The Arizona defense looks more comic than good.  They’ve given up over 900 yards in the first two games.

Tim Hightower looked good against his old teammates.  He had 20 carries for 96 yards, but he could not get into the end zone.  He bowled over Cards defenders though as if they were just tackling dummies in the way.

Beanie Wells ran the ball well for the Cards too.  However, he only carried the ball 14 times for 93 yards and a touchdown.  He needs more than 14 carries for the Cards to be successful. Larry Fitzgerald looked good though.  He had seven receptions for 133 yards and a touchdown, a 73-yard catch from Kevin Kolb, who didn’t play half bad despite an interception.  I think the Cards offensive line was partly to blame for today’s offensive woes and allowing the Skins to be the ones to control the ball.

In the end, only the score mattered and the Skins are the ones on the winning end.  The Cards had their chance to go on a winning drive, but receiver Chansi Stuckey runied that by fumbling on the first play of their last drive.