ESPN has pulled the plug on Hank Williams Jr's &..."/> ESPN has pulled the plug on Hank Williams Jr's &..."/>

Hank Williams Apparently Not Ready For Some Football Tonight


ESPN has pulled the plug on Hank Williams Jr’s “Are You Ready for Some Football” Monday Night Football rendition for the past 20 years.  You can thank Fox News for that.  This morning the news organization interviewed him and made comments about President Obama.  He basically compared Obama to Hitler.  Whoa!  I don’t care what your views are, that just ain’t right. For the time being, the plug has just been pulled for this week, however I can’t see ESPN reinstating the MNF opening unless Williams apologizes, which based on further comments in the interview, will not be forthcoming as he said ” I’m telling it like it is.”

It’s disappointing to hear those comments.  Even though he campaigned for Obama’s competition, Senator John McCain from Arizona, in the 2008 Presidential Election, still, those comments are out of line.  He has the right to his views and this is a free country.  He is allowed to say what he wants, however ESPN really had no choice here.  I don’t agree with everything ESPN does and in fact I’ve disagreed with many things they done recently.  They just couldn’t stand back and do nothing on this one though.

It will be interesting to see how it is handled the rest of the season.  Do they find a replacement?  I’m sure the opening spots were taped quite sometime ago.  I imagine they scrub the opening for the rest of this season and find a new opening for 2012.  MNF isn’t going anywhere after extending their NFL contract a few weeks ago.

I just have one thing to say for tonight though – I am ready for some football.