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Mike Greenberg, His Toolbox, and the Fumble


I admit, I’m not much a fan of ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the morning much anymore.  When their show first hit the airwaves, I enjoyed it.  I really did.  I especially enjoyed watching the radio show on television.  Over the past couple of years though, both Mikes, Greenberg and Golic, have become sort of anti-Arizona, especially when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals.  Last season Greenberg actually picked the San Francisco 49’ers to win the NFC West.  Greenberg might have been a year early on that prediction.  He made that pick with such confidence last season though as if to say, I’m always right, you’re always wrong, live with it.  Then came today.  His take on “the fumble”, or in the NFL’s stance, the non-fumble.  Just when you thought he had put his toolbox away.

Greenberg has done good things no doubt, but his almost purposeful disdain for the Cards came from somewhere and I’m not sure where.  While in my opinion, yesterday’s call in the Cards-New York Giants game was damaging, the Cards did NOT lose because of that call.  That being said, I still think the call was wrong and there are plenty of people who agree with that take.

According to Greenburg, he understands how Cards fans feel but the call was right.  Um, no it wasn’t, but thanks for playing.  Oh, and for the record, you don’t know how Cards fans feel unless you’ve been or are one one dude.

The list of those who thought the call was wrong:

Mike Pereira, former head of NFL officiating and now a contributor to Fox NFL Sunday

Tony Dungy, former Indianapolis Colts and current NBC Sunday Night Football analyst

Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser, ESPN’s Pardon The Interruption

Eli Manning, New York Giants – from the freaking Giants!  He said he thought they “caught a break”

Just a sampling who thought the call was correct (besides Greenberg):

Tom Coughlin, head coach, New York Giants

Peter King, Sports Illustrated

Yeah, I rest my case.