Kansas City Chiefs.  Forget the Kansas City Chiefs.  Forget the Kansas City Chiefs.  Forget the

Cardinals Officially are Worst Team in the NFL, Lose to Vikings 34-10


Forget the Kansas City Chiefs.  Forget the Philadelphia Eagles.  Forget the St. Louis Rams.  Forget the Carolina Panthers.  Forget the Indianapolis Colts.  Now, forget the Minnesota Vikings.  The Arizona Cardinals can not be considered the worst team in the NFL after a 34-10 loss to the Vikings on Sunday.  Sure, the Colts are 0-5, but they are a better team than that.  The Cards are who we thought they were.  Bad.  Very bad.

The Cards fell down 28-0 early and then all the Vikings had to do was put it on cruise control from there.  The Cards had little fight back in them today.  Today is the first time you can really place the blame all the way around.  Offense, horrible.  Defense, not much better.  Coaching decisions, not good.  bad turnovers, bad penalties, you name it, it happened.

Vikings quarterback Donovan McNabb got his first win as a Viking, although it really wasn’t his show.  He didn’t look all that great, however, he was better than Kevin Kolb.  Who was great?  Yes, that would be Adrian Peterson.  Three touchdowns.  Cards looked silly trying to tackle him.

All those keys I was talking about to winning?  yeah, they left them all in the hotel room.  None of them appeared in a positive way on Sunday.  A couple of those other teams listed have the same or worse records than the Cards but the big difference they all fought hard, with exception of St. Louis, who was off today.  They did fight hard trying to come back last week though.  Cards seem to be all out of sorts.

So, where to go from here?  Who knows.  The Cards have a lot to evaluate.  They should start with the players on the field though.  None of them could execute.  Dropped passes, bad passes, no blocking.  They were ALL bad today.  It got so bad, even Richard Bartel got into the game.  That should say it all right there my friends.

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