11 Observations About the Cardinals-Vikings Game

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4) Beanie Wells often gets 2-3 yards after he gets hit, increasing his yards per carry and making him a strong weapon on offense.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t pick up a first down on a fourth down and 1 in the third quarter.  And the Cardinals were so far behind early in the game that his carries didn’t really mean a whole lot.

5) When you are down by 28 points and it’s 4th and 6 on the Vikings 34-yard line, I think the right call would have been to go for it.  I know Jay Feely ended up kicking a 51-yard field goal, but that was far from a gimmee–and a touchdown could have helped the Cardinals get back into the game.  Bad call, in my opinion–even though the Cardinals scored.

6) Adrian Peterson once again burned the Cardinals defensive line.  He must love playing against the Cardinals.  Did you see him drag Patrick Peterson about 10 yards, right into the goal line?  The Cardinals could simply not tackle him.