11 Observations About the Cardinals-Vikings Game

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7) Kevin Kolb did not have one of his better games today.  But I am convinced that a lot of it had to do with the offensive line.  When he is given time and stays in the pocket and takes a step or two forward, he is deadly accurate on almost all of his throws.  It’s when he feels the heat, or when he scrambles out of the pocket, that the problems arise.  To his credit, he did make two amazing completions on fourth down when he was being harrassed by Vikings linemen.

8) I also liked the fact that Kolb looked for his tight ends and Early Doucet often.  Doucet and the Jeff King/ Rob Housler combo each accounted for eight completions for the day. Not bad.

9) Larry Fitzgerald didn’t catch that pass in the end zone with three defenders blanketing him, but he almost hauled it in–and once again he proved why he is the best wide receiver in the league.