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Cardinals Need to Put Ravens Behind and Look Ahead to Rams


So, enough about the Baltimore Ravens.  It’s time for the Arizona Cardinals to look forward to the St. Louis Rams.  The Rams are coming off their first victory of the season.  They are now equal with the Cards at 1-6.  You also have teams looking at quarterbacks going in possibly opposite directions.  Rams QB Sam Bradford is possibly coming abck from injury and Cards QB Kevin Kolb just suffered a Turf Toe.

The Rams come to Glendale this Sunday which will be the only home November game for the Cards as they head out on the road for three straight after this weekend.  It is important for the Cards to play well and win not only for that reason but to also stop the bleeding on the losing streak.  You have a Cards team that is 1-6 and could be 5-2 and could even be argued if they make the plays they were supposed to, could be 6-1.  Good teams though don’t kill themselves with dumb plays and don’t lose composure and don’t play to not lose rather than to win.

As the week continues on we’ll examine who and who may not play this weekend.  The best chance to win is still Kevin Kolb at quarterback whether you like it or not.  As soon as the Cards go with the backups, don’t expect another win this season.

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