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Cardinals Looking at Rain in the Bay Area Today


There is a seventy percent chance of rain for the Arizona CardinalsSan Francisco 49’ers game today at Candlestick Park.  To me it appears as just another obstacle in the way of the Cards third win in a row.  Let’s be honest though, it was already going to be a tough battle, now with the great possibility of rain, it could be that much tougher.  In case you aren’t aware, it doesn’t rain much in Arizona and never at University of Phoenix Stadium on game days.  It is also going to be John Skelton at the helm for the Cards. Kevin Kolb is still nursing injury.

Skelton has shown his poise in the pocket and with the chance of sloppy conditions in the rain, you might see a lot more of the running game.  That is, unless of course they fall behind early and have to play catch up.  Then all bets are out the window.  We’ll see just how bad the conditions are at gametime though.  Hopefully the Cards wear the right shoes to avoid a lot of slipping and sliding.

As for the Niners, Frank Gore is going to be active but how much they use him remains to be seen, as the Niners have a comfortable five-game lead in the NFC West.  With Gore coming off injury, they can afford to be careful with him.

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