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Arizona Cardinals Win, Tony Romo Loses in December


When the Arizona Cardinals face quarterback Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys this weekend, there are a couple of things going for the Cards if you are looking for reasons why the Cards have a chance to beat the Cowboys.  First, Romo struggles in December.  That seems to be well documented.  Secondly, the Cards have one of the best December records in the NFL over the past few years.

Forget that I’m even giving the Cards a good chance to win on Sunday anyway, Romo’s 9-12 record in December and Janaury is nothing to write home about.  In fact, that directly correlates to why the Cowboys have only won one playoff game over the past decade.  Now, Romo could still light it up this weekend, but history dictates otherwise.

As for the Cardinals December record, a lot of that can be attributed to the fact that they play a lot of home games in December.  The schedule is stacked at home once again this season as they play four of the last five games at home.  They only have one road game in Cincinnati on Christmas Eve. Of course some of that can also be attributed to who they play.

With usually at least a couple of NFC West divisional games on the schedule in the last month, that always provides good opportunity for victory.  This season is no different with San Francisco and Seattle two of the final five opponents.  Now, that being said, the 49’ers will be a very tough home game this season.

So, anyway you slice it, you have to give the Cards a shot at winning this week.  Forget the overall records.