The Arizona Cardinals are 4-7.  The The Arizona Cardinals are 4-7.  The

Gameday: Arizona Cardinals Look to Derail Dallas Cowboys Path to Playoffs


The Arizona Cardinals are 4-7.  The Dallas Cowboys are 7-4.  Why is it everywhere I read, people think the Cards have a better chance at winning today than the Cowboys?  Well, probably because of several reasons.  First, the game is at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale.  The last couple trips for the Cowboys to the desert have not ended too well for them, including last season’s Christmas stunner 27-26.  Then, well, quarterback Tony Romo doesn’t play very well in December historically.  Then there is the idea the Cards are a better, much better team than their 4-7 record and the probably are.  A case could be made they should be 8-3 right now.  They aren’t though and that’s what makes predicting a Cards win today interesting.

Cards quarterback Kevin Kolb returns for his first action since injuring his toe back on October 30th against the Baltimore Ravens.  He is finally to the point where he practiced all week without pain.  He has five games left in the 2011 season to prove himself worthy to Cardinals fans.  I’m not so much worried about what he does in the last five games as I am about how he handles his preparation for the 2012 season, however it sure would be nice to beat them Cowboys.

I imagine the initial game plan will be simple.  Test Kolb’s footwork, get him some throws but run Beanie Wells at will.  Wells has been a workhorse lately.  Last week he carried the ball 27 times for a franchise-record 228 yards. He played hurt too.  He got hurt twice last week and still ran tough through it.

As for the Cowboys, they are in first place in the NFC East and can solidify their position with a win today.  The New York Giants are fading and the Philadelphia Eagles are done.  The Washington Redskins pose no threat.  If the Cowboys lose today though, the leave that window open for the Giants if they can turn their defensive performance around.  The Cowboys need to think about themselves though and not worry about who is chasing them.  The only thing chasing them on Sunday will be the likes of Sam Acho, Daryl Washington, and Darnell Dockett.

It should be a fun, close game.  A couple of mistakes though could turn that prediction into garbage in a hurry, as we’ve see can happen at times.  I think the Cardinals take the victory 27-24.

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