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Arizona Cardinals Should Find Great Balance Against Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns come to town on Sunday.  It’s kind of like Santa Claus is coming to town for Arizona Cardinals fans.  Not to guarantee victory, but really if the Cards can’t beat the Browns, these Browns, then not only do they not deserve any playoffs, they should just fold up shop.  Everything from offense to defense to special teams should dominate on Sunday.  Without starting quarterback Colt McCoy or a decent run defense, Cleveland is already behind the eight ball, forget the records.

Of course this is the Cardinals though, so even something easy on paper will probably not look easy on the field.  In fact it could show just how far this team has come watching them perform against a team like the Browns.  The best thing the Browns have going for them is their kicker Phil Dawson, who even recently has missed a few field goal attempts.  Their pass defense is ok.  Not spectacular, but serviceable.

So, with Cards quarterback Kevin Kolb most likely out for Sunday with a concussion, that leaves backup John Skelton in the starters position again.  That also means we could be seeing a heavy dose of Beanie Wells.  With family and friends in the stands on Sunday, you can probably count on it.