Arizona Cardinals Face Uphill Battle for Playoffs


If only they didn’t start 1-6.  Would’ve could’ve should’ve.  That seems to be the lifelong saying of an Arizona Cardinals fan.  Fact is, you don’t get points for would’ve could’ve and should’ve.  You only get credit for the wins.  It’s a bottom line business.  No playoffs for moral victories in the NFL.  If they gave wins for moral victories, well, the Cards would be 10-3 right now instead of 6-7.  Really the only game they’ve been out of from the get go was the Minnesota Vikings game and that seems like the least likely game for them to have been blown out in.

The fact the Cards were able to climb out of a 1-6 start to now sit at 6-7 with even a remote chance at the playoffs is an amazing feat.  If they can even salvage an 8-8 season, you have to consider it a success based on where they were last season.  Of course, until they are officially eliminated, there is hope.  There will have to be a lot of hope.  It is the season of miracles right now isn’t it?

You must hope the Chicago Bears lose at least two of three.  You must hope the Detroit Lions do the same.  The Atlanta Falcons are going to get in, so forget about that spot.  Then you have to root for the New York Giants to win the NFC East and not be in the wild card positioning.  The Cards would lose the tie-breaker to the Giants, but would win out on a tie-breaker over the Dallas Cowboys.  So, needless to say, it still looks like the Falcons and Lions for the wild card spots.  Stranger things have happened.  Always expect the unexpected.