Second Quarter a Little Better for Arizona Cardinals; Down 10-7 at Half


The Cleveland Browns have come to play today.  The Arizona Cardinals appeared to be sleepwalking until that last first half drive.  That has the Cards down 10-7 at halftime.  Although the Browns offense hasn’t done much since their opening touchdown drive, their defense has been good enough to stave off a couple of decent Cards drives.  About the only player who looks good on offense for the Cards is Beanie Wells, although Skelton got some things going, again on that last drive.  The Chester Taylor project will hopefully come to an end in three games.  I can’t wait to get Ryan Williams back.

The only offense in the second quarter was a Browns kicker Phil Dawson field goal.  Field goals have been more the Browns speed, but at this rate, that’s all they need to rely on the rest of the way.  As I mentioned earlier, the Cards offense just isn’t built for big comebacks, although they have trailed at halftime in all six of their wins this season.  They were all close games like today. If this was any other team than the Browns, this game might already be over.  This game easily could be a three touchdown or more lead for the Browns.  Given it is the Browns, the Cards still have a shot in the second half.

The past couple of weeks the Cards have made some nice halftime adjustments.  The Cards will need to rely on them again this week.  They can’t continue to rely on only a two-minute drive to move the ball.  They need to give Wells a heavy dose of carries.  They also need to open things up a little.  Last week’s third quarter bomb from Skelton to Early Doucet for 60 yards got things going against the San Francisco 49’ers.  It might take something like that again to get things going this week.  You aren’t going to see the same lax defense from the Browns that you got in that final first half drive.

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