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John Skelton Gets the Christmas Eve Call for Arizona Cardinals


Merry Christmas everyone.  The Arizona Cardinals are on the road on Saturday to face the Cincinnati Bengals.  It is the first road tilt for the Cards since November 27th against the St. Louis Rams.  The Cards have won four straight and will need to go for five in a row with backup quarterback John Skelton once again.  Kevin Kolb is still nursing his concussion from two weeks ago.  It is most definitely the right move if Kolb is not 100 percent.  Let’s just not anoint Skelton a savior just yet.  Maybe just the Miracle Man.  If he can get a win tomorrow and then plays next week and wins, then he should be dubbed as such.
It is the season of miracles isn’t it? Why not?  I have been saying if Kolb was healthy then he needs to be the man.  I still say that.  If Kolb is ready to go next week win or lose tomorrow, then he needs to play.  I realize it is a tough decision, but he would have a chance to show a lot by winning a big game next week.

First thing is first though.  The Cards need to get past a very tough Bengals team.  They are 8-6 for a reason.  Their quarterback, rookie Andy Dalton, has exceeded many expectations.  He will throw a pick every now and then but has shown great composure and certainly does not play like a rookie.  He will be a Bengal for a long time at this rate.

The Cards defense will have it’s hands full.  So, let’s not forget that.  Despite all the offensive news, there is a defense that needs to play better this week than it did last week against the Cleveland Browns.  Still, it would be nice for a Christmas miracle.

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