Arizona Cardinals Have a Disaster of a First Half


The Arizona Cardinals plain and simple missed the plane to Cincinnati.  The Bengals are up 20-0 at halftime and quite frankly, the game isn’t even that close.  The Bengals missed two field goal attempts, so it could be worse.  What is worse though is the play of quarterback John Skelton.  He’s been awful.  Don’t know what he’s been looking at out there, but he obviously thinks the Cards receivers wear the striped orange uniforms.

The way things are going, there just won’t be any comeback in the second half.  I think right now, they re-group and just keep from getting blown out, although it might be too late for that.  Nothing has gone right.  After a nice Larry Fitzgerald catch on the first drive, it has been all downhill from there and I’m being nice.

If you get a chance though, watch the highlights of this one.  Bengals receiver Jerome Simpson made one of most spectacular TD catches and run you’ll ever see, so at least there will be a highlight from this game, albeit from the other side of the ball.  Enjoy the last half of playoff contention football.