Many Arizona Cardinals Fans Have Exciting Yet Misguided Passion


It is nice to sit here for a change and to see NFL fans in the Phoenix area passionate about the team that plays here, not Dallas, not Oakland, not Pittsburgh, not New York.  I’ve read and heard a lot of comments about this years Arizona Cardinals team that tells me people are watching, but not really tuning in.  There is a lot of passion out there, especially when it comes to the quarterback situation.  Should it be Kevin Kolb?  Should it be John Skelton?  It seems many fans have an opinion one way or the other.  However, I read a lot of comments that really aren’t justified or come out of left field like a person who just isn’t informed.  I say this, at least have some knowledge of the issue before spouting off.

I’ve read several comments that Kolb should play this week.  We are “paying him too much to sit.”  He has “done nothing all season”.  He needs to “play through the injury”.  I mean, really?  C’mon people.  I thought Cards fans were smarter than that.  Let’s explore the reason why Kolb has sat the last couple of weeks in the first place.  He got a concussion.  That’s C-O-N-C-U-S-S-I-O-N.  I’m sure those who have commented that he should suck it up and play this week for the betterment of the team and to appease the fan base have never experienced a concussion.  It’s not like a light switch you can just flip on and off.  Really, it isn’t.  I promise.

Now I’ve said all along that if Kolb was 100 percent healthy, that’s 100 percent, then he should play.  If he is anything less, then Skelton needs to be the guy in the finale against the Seattle Seahawks and the next time Kolb takes the field should be at the OTA’s. A concussion is a tough thing to overcome sometimes.  Different people have different recovery times, just like any other injury.

Some people have said they need to cut him now.  Start Richard Bartel.  I will assume either those people like Bartel very much or just don’t really understand football.  I’ll assume the latter. I was not impressed with Skelton and am tired of him not waking up until the fourth quarter each week, however if Kolb can’t play, he gives you the best chance to win.  Some have said use them both (Sketon and Kolb), alternating between quarters.  Again, really?  That to me tells me they have no idea about football.

To the person that I read that Kolb is “milking” his injuries.  Are you serious?  Goodness, what has this world come to?  Well, I shouldn’t ask that too fast.  After all we are living in a world where a nine-year old gets suspended for calling his teacher “cute” and a mom wants a seven-year old charged with attempted murder for fighting and attempting to choke another kid, so I guess anything is possible.  Seriously though, milking?  Hardly.  Did he happen to see the hit Kolb took against the San Francisco 49’ers?  That’s wasn’t drawn up on a chalkboard idiot.

All I’m saying is, bottom line, think before you speak.  I love the passion.  I really do.  However misguided passion does no one any good and all it does is make me get on here and call you out.  That being said, it sounds like Skelton this week.  Kolb is still experiencing concussion-like symptoms.  Oh, and he’s not going anywhere people, like it or not.  He will be a member of the 2012 Arizona Cardinals. Get used to the idea.

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