When the Arizona Cardinals Don’t Make the Playoffs, They Go to Vegas


Apparently it is rookies night in Las Vegas.  The Arizona Cardinals rookies have taken some of the vets to Las Vegas, paying for anything and everything.  Too bad they aren’t preparing for a playoff game instead.  I guess when the season is over though, off you go to play where what happens stays in Las Vegas.

Darnell Dockett tweeted this evening that one of the rookies left his credit card in the hotel room and he was none too happy about it.  Probably a good move though. I’ve seen how some of the vets can take advantage of the rookies.

I know Calais Campbell is on the trip.  He threw out a holler on his Facebook page.  If there is anyone who does deserve a nice break, it is Campbell.  He had a monster season as I documented yesterday.  Las Vegas is a nice way to blow off steam.

Hopefully at this time next season the Cards will be finding another way to blow off steam, by preparing to give a beat down to someone at University of Phoenix Stadium in the NFL Playoffs.