Arizona Cardinals Will Make a Mistake With Todd Haley


Don’t get me wrong, I think Todd Haley is a capable offensive coordinator, however I don’t think the time is right to bring him back into the fold with the Arizona Cardinals.  Haley, fresh off his firing from the Kansas City Chiefs head coaching position, does know the Cards system, seeing as he was here in Arizona as the coordinator prior to moving to Kansas City.  This could just be a quick stepping stone for Haley and that’s not what the Cards need right now.

Mike Miller just spent his first season as offensive coordinator and yes many times I did question the play calling.  It got much better towards the end of the season though.  Miller has started to grow into the position.  He will never gain any consistency by moving him out of the position only to possibly see him move into the position down the road again.

Haley is most likely going to get another head coaching opportunity at some point.  Sure, that could be 5-7 years down the road, but unlikely.  I can see him at least being interviewed just a couple of seasons down the road, at most.  If he re-joins the Cards, becomes their offensive coordinator, and then bolts again for another head coaching job, where does that leave the Cards?  Right back where they started at the beginning of this season.

I know Haley is the sexy choice here given his past success.  Let’s also remember he had success with a different cast of characters.  He also didn’t exactly light up the scoreboard in Kansas City, although it can be argued the personnel wasn’t as good.  Still though, a good coach should be able to overcome those deficiencies.  Clearly he did not in KC and was let go.  I think coach Ken Whisenhunt needs to do the same – just let go.

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