Arizona Cardinals Linked to Peyton Manning Once Again


When CBS’s Charlie Casserly speaks, I listen.  No, he’s no E.F. Hutton, but still, ever since Casserly suggested the Arizona Cardinals would be looking at current Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning if the Colts do not offer him the $28 million option sitting on the table with a March 8th deadline, I listen.  He was at it again today on The NFL Today.  He said that the Cardinals also have a $7 million decision on quarterback Kevin Kolb but that is tied into what happens with Manning.  Also today, add ESPN’s Adam Schefter into those saying the Cards have interest in Manning.  He tweeted out that the Cards are now in the mix for Manning if he becomes available.  I think that would be a no-brainer.

Of course this is all moot if Manning’s health is not right.  We still don’t know how he is progressing in that manner.  Nothing has been said about his health status since the end of the regular season.  However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Schefter does say the Cards will be in contention with the Washington Redskins and New York Jets for Manning’s services should the Colts sever their ties with him.  I think it would be ignorant to say no other team would try to bid for his services, however let’s not assume just because it is Washington or New York that he would eliminate Arizona.  Sure Arizona has offensive line issues.  I guarantee the Cards would go do everything in their power to upgrade that area if they were to land Manning.  I would imagine Manning would insist upon it.  I would too.

So, the waiting period continues.  The Colts remain mum, Manning remains mum, even after the firing of his coach Jim Caldwell.  We move ever so closer to the March 8th deadline, so stay tuned. Oh and contrary to what is written about Manning and his fit with the Cardinals outside of Arizona, especially from other NFC West cities, I think he would be a good fit in Arizona.

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