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Let’s Not Blow Fitzgerald-Manning Dinner Out of Proportion


It was reported by today that Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would be meeting for dinner this weekend in Indianapolis.  Sure, on the surface it looks like it could be something, but let’s be real here.  The two are already friends, so it is entirely possible, though not plausible, they may not even talk football, or at least of the possibility of Manning coming to Arizona if the Colts decide not to pick up his option.

Should the topic be football and the Cardinals, I imagine this isn’t any type of recruting trip.  It can’t be.  Manning is still a member of the Colts.  They could still pick up his option.  It’s unlikely that happens, however that possibility still exists.

So, let’s not blow this meeting out of proportion.  We’ll never know what was talked about, so why speculate?  I understand the need to make this a newsworthy item, but is it really newsworthy?  It’s two friends having dinner.  It just happens it’s two of the best players in the NFL that Cards fans would love to see hook up.

Then there is still Manning’s health.  We’ve not heard from any doctor publicly how Manning is progressing.  Any Manning updates have been very vague.  Sure, he’s talking, but never provides any specifics and that to me is still alarming.  For now, I see the dinner as no big deal.  If this dinner is taking place a couple of months down the road after the Colts have released him, then maybe we have a story.