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Gronk Will Play for the New Enlgand Patriots


New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is expected to play today in Super Bowl XLVI after suffering a high ankle sprain a couple of weeks ago.  The University of Arizona standout has been every meaning of the word this season.  I would say he is the most valuable player on the Patriots team this season.  Without “Gronk” as he is affectionately known as, the Pats probably aren’t where they are today and I say that knowing Tom Brady is still a great quarterback.

Everyday we’ve been getting updates on Gronk’s status.  It seemed as if this was going to be the final result.  You just had to think Gronk was going to do everything to get on the field today given the fact that the Patriots play in a two-tight end offense 80 percent of the time.  They have no backup for Gronk.

While I think and want the New York Giants to win today, I still root for Gronkowski.  He has been something else.  You knew it from the first day you saw him on the field in Tucson.  Even missing his last season in Arizona because of injury, you knew he would still be something special in the NFL.  He’s definitely proven that this season.  I expect another big day from him.