Cardinals Could Find Some Gold in Free Agent Wide Receivers


Most likely the Arizona Cardinals will be drafting a wide receiver at some point in the NFL Draft in April.  However, that doesn’t mean they won’t or shouldn’t look at some of the free agent receivers who will be available once the free agency period begins.  Names like Marques Colston, Vincent Jackson, Reggie Wayne, Robert Meachem, and Mario Manningham.  Sure there are guys like Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, and Steve Johnson as well, but look for those guys to stay with their current teams.

How could the Cards not be interested in any of those guys to be the number two receiver or “1A” as Anquan Boldin was?  They could greatly improve their receiver core through the draft and free agency.  I know I haven’t talked too much previously about building behind Larry Fitzgerald through free agency, but when you look at the talented list of those that could be available, how can you not believe the Cards won’t go looking?

A guy like Wayne certainly could be a great addition, especially if the Cards were to miraculously land Peyton Manning.  Colston, Jackson, Manningham all could be valuable additions.  Manningham would move from a number three in New York to a two in Arizona.

There will be other teams vying for the services of top receivers, teams like the St. Louis Rams.  I think however there are enough good receivers out there this year the Cards can get a guy or two, unlike last season when they were left out in the cold trying to find a viable number two.