Peyton Manning Has Many Options in Choosing Next Employer


Although it is expected that former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning will make the choice possibly by next week where he is going to play football in 2012, there are numerous choices for him.  Some are a better fit than others but it really will come down to what Manning wants, period.  Will he chase money?  What is more important to him?  Location?  Weather?  Personnel?  Chance to win?  We don’t really know at this point.  Here are the teams I think have the best chance at landing Manning.

Miami Dolphins – I only give Miami the best chance cause they have the money to spend and they have an immediate need at quarterback,  They probably push the hardest for him.  Of course the negatives being he would have to play the New England Patriots and New York Jets twice each and the weather can be miserable in Miami.

Arizona Cardinals – One of the better fits for Manning.  However, they have their own quarterback issue to deal with.  Kevin Kolb is due a $7 million option next week on the 17th.  Can the Cards commit to Manning and vice versa that quick?  The Cards play the majority of home games indoors, save for a couple of games in November and December, weather permitting.

Washington Redskins – Another team with deep pockets.  They have a need at QB as well.  There is very little supporting cast though, which could be a major concern of Manning’s.

Seattle Seahawks – Good defense, up and coming team.  Although not all there now, a supporting offensive cast can be built.  On the flip side, the weather sucks there too.

New York Jets – Certainly can pay the money.  He would have the supporting cast.  However he would butt heads with Rex Ryan and would have to share the spotlight in New York with brother Eli Manning.

Kansas City Chiefs – Well, he would have a couple of receivers to throw to.  KC still a team trying to find an identity though.  They do love their football in KC as much as they do in Indy, so Manning would be embraced.  I don’t see it happening though.

Houston Texans – Why is this even an option?  I don’t quite understand this with Matt Schaub already in the fold.  I will say this though, if Manning goes to Houston, that means Schaub is on the market and the Cards should look at that carefully, even with picking up Kolb’s option.