Cardinals Don’t Have Any Matt Forte’s on Their Roster


Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte is unhappy.  He is unhappy with the free-agent signing of running back Michael Bush.  He tweeted as much today when he found out.  As far as I’m concerned, regardless of his contract situation, bad move.  Selfish.  I could go on and on.  Sure, I understand Forte wanting to get his and be the featured guy and maybe he feels threatened by Bush’s signing.  Fact is, he has total control over whether he stays in good graces in Chicago and remains the main guy.  Bush wasn’t the main guy in Oakland.  He won’t be in Chicago either as long as Forte is healthy and keeps his mouth shut.  I can’t imagine anyone on the Arizona Cardinals tweeting out their displeasure on a free-agent signing, whether they agreed with it or not.

Michael Bush was rumored to be visiting the Cards last week.  However it turned out he was just in Phoenix, but not visiting the Cards.  Forte needs to understand that the Bears need a backup pretty bad.  Marion Barber’s best days are behind him.  They also need an insurance policy in case Forte doesn’t return to full form after his season-ending knee injury.  Forte just doesn’t get it.

Could you imagine Larry Fitzgerald tweeting out his displeasure if the Cards signed a guy like Mario Manningham, who went to the San Francisco 49’ers, or Eddie Royal, who went to the San Diego Chargers?  Now, I’m just using those guys as examples, but I think you get the idea.  It would never happen.  There are just certain things you do and don’t do.  You don’t go bad mouth your employer’s decisions, even in the NFL.

Hopefully Forte has realized by now he made a bad decision.  Maybe he sticks by what he says?  Either way, he’d be better keeping his mouth shut whether he agrees with the move or not.  That’s just, pardon the pun, bush league.  Just play football Matt.  You’re good at that.  This Twitter thing?  Not so much.