NFL Playoff Overtime Rules Extended to Regular Season


Last season we almost experienced our first test of the new overtime rules implemented for the playoffs only when the Denver Broncos defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers.  However, Tim Tebow made sure we wouldn’t see the new rules take effect thanks to a touchdown on the first drive of the overtime.  Now, there is a greater chance we will see the new OT rules in place as now the rules have been expanded into the regular season.

If you aren’t aware of the rule, it allows both teams a chance to touch the ball in overtime, as long as the team that gets the ball first does not score a touchdown.  Basically you can not win on a field goal on your first possession, unless you are the second team getting the ball.

So that begs the question, would it be good strategy to ask to defer after winning the coin toss, knowing you could win on a field goal if you’ve stopped the team getting the ball first from scoring a touchdown?  It is an interesting strategy I think.  I’m sure someone will test it at some point.

I know some people don’t like the new overtime rules and love sudden death, but I guarantee none of those complainers would complain if their team benefited from the new rules.  Personally, I like it.  It gives each team an opportunity in overtime.  Unless of course your defense gives up a touchdown on the first drive of overtime, say like what the Arizona Cardinals did to the Dallas Cowboys last season.  That works for me!