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Audio: Gregg Williams Orders Hits on Niners


When the audio was released yesterday with former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams on it ordering his players to go after specific players on the San Francisco 49’ers before their playoff game in January, my first reaction was “wow”.  Then after the initial shock, it was “this guy needs to be permanently banned now”.  This whole bounty scandal, which dates back to the playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals in 2010 and beyond, in my mind, reached a culmination with the release of this audio.  If this isn’t the clincher and if this isn’t proof Sean Payton should remain suspended for the entire year, then I don’t know what to tell you.

The audio released yesterday has Williams on it telling his players to hit the ACL of Niners receiver Michael Crabtree.  He says to kill the head of Frank Gore.  The kill the head part almost sounds like usual coach speak before a game, but in this audio he specifically mentions names and when it moves in the area of ACL’s and concussions, then I have an issue and so should the NFL.

Williams should never coach again.  You know me, even as much a Niners hater I am, this simply was wrong.  You don’t order hits on ACL’s.  You never want to see a player go out that way.  Torn ACL’s are serious business.  If you do enough damage, you can derail a person’s career.

If I was a Niners fan today, I would be demanding further action from Roger Goodell, like removing the indefinite suspension of Williams and making it permanent.   Crabtree, Gore, Kyle Williams, they were all mentioned by name specifically by Williams.  He is bad news.  Football is a violent sport to begin with.  Injuries will occur, but when you go out with the specific intent to injure, then a line has been crossed.  There is no place in football for that kind of nonsense.

Warning:  There is adult language in this audio.

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