Cardinals, Unlike Seahawks, Playing it Safe During OTA’s


The Seattle Seahawks decided to have some contact in their OTA’s.  The Seattle Seahawks will now lose two practice days and a workout day because of the NFL no-no.  Teams are not allowed to have any contact drills during OTA’s out on the field.  The Arizona Cardinals?  They’ve been playing it safe, just like the rest of the NFL.

Now, personally, I would like to see the players be able to hit one another in the OTA’s.  Rules are rules though and Hawks coach Pete Carroll acted like it was no big deal breaking the rules.  He did ask the NFL to clarify it’s rules on the subject, but he is just trying to save face.  He knew what he was doing.  No contact means no contact.  Period.

The reason why the Cards don’t test the rules?  Coach Ken Whisenhunt.  He has too much integrity for that and he knows the Cards need the work.  Sure, I’m sure he’d love the hitting.  He also plays by the rules.  There is no fine line to test with him.  If it is questionable, it doesn’t happen.  It’s like you and I getting up in the morning and deciding what to wear to work.  Do I wear the t-shirt with the small hole on dress down day or go with the polo shirt?  If you have to sit there and decide for more than two seconds, you shouldn’t do it.  Carroll sounds like he was caught in that situation.  He said he needs clarity.

Listen, if it is remotely close to possibly be construed as a contact drill, don’t do it.  You’ll get caught.  They did and will pay the price.  I’m sure he doesn’t care.  That’s fine.  He just screwed his rookies and young guys out of two good days of practices.  Advantage, the rest of the NFC West.