Arizona Cardinals 2012 Profile from A to Z: Justin Bethel


Sixth-round picks don’t always make an NFL roster as a rookie, especially one like Justin Bethel, who hails from Presbyterian College.  The 6’0 safety has a lot of learning to do.  He is going to have a lot of getting used to how fast the NFL game moves, something the Arizona Cardinals were working with him on during OTA’s and mini-camp.

Bethel is regarded as having good speed, but NFL speed is different than small college speed.  He is also known as a good kick blocker and that perhaps is the focus Bethel should have in order to make the roster.

The Cards have been able to get steals over the years thanks to special teams.  Bethel someday may be able to contribute consistently at safety, but for now, his best shot is with special teams.  However, that being said, anything can happen.  He could surprise in the preseason.  It will take a lot of work for that to happen though.