Arizona Cardinals Offense Can Exhibit Great Fantasy Value


A quick look at the Arizona Cardinals offense over the past couple of seasons and mention fantasy football statistics, you might find many people turning the other cheek.  However, there are still some guys you should not shy away from.  Certainly a lot depends on how your league scores things such as yardage, touchdowns, receptions, etc.  If you are looking for fantasy points with the whole package, you can find it on the Cards roster.

Start with the most obvious – Larry Fitzgerald.  The man has 170 receptions in the last two seasons, when the Cards offense had much trouble scoring.  Remember, scoring is nice, but it’s not the whole story.  In 2011, Fitz had 80 receptions, tied for 11th in the NFL.  He had 8 touchdowns, tied for 6th in the NFL.  The most amazing part was the yardage.  He finished with 1,411 yards – fourth in the NFL.  I found a lot of success with my fantasy team in 2011 with yardage alone from my receivers.  I see no reason for a drop off in 2012.

Beanie Wells.  Tied for 14th in the NFL in rushing in 2011 with 1,047 yards.  That stat that stands out with him is he finished tied for 5th in running back touchdowns.  Yes, Beanie Wells had 10 touchdowns. I know I said scoring isn’t everything, but it is something.

Some other guys to look for breakout years include tight end Rob Housler.  Expect him to see as many as 50 receptions.  Also, if backup running back Ryan Williams is healthy, watch out.  I would though do your research before exploring him.  Make sure first of all he is healthy.  Also make sure the Cards plan on using him a lot if he is.  He does you no good on the bench, unless the Cards plan on using him like they did Tim Hightower a few seasons ago as a goal-line specialist.  That is worth a ton of fantasy points.  Hightower didn’t get a lot of yards in 2009, but the man could find the end zone.

The biggest catch though could be receiver Michael Floyd.  With Fitzgerald still garnering a lot of attention, Floyd could surprise even the most faithful in him.  Keep an eye on how he is utilized.  They didn’t draft him to not produce.  Expect a lot of balls thrown his way.  Should be a lot of fun finding out just how much.