ESPN Doesn’t Give the Arizona Cardinals Enough Credit


This morning ESPN NFL Analyst John Clayton called the Arizona Cardinals quarterback situation “so bad”.   ESPN analyst (and I use this term very lightly) Merril Hoge said the offense is extremely handicapped.  I really wouldn’t go that far on either count.  I still like where the Cards are right now versus two years ago.  Let’s not forget the Cards managed to win eight games last season with the very same two quarterbacks fighting it out right now.  Yes, the schedule is tougher this year, but I really wouldn’t say it’s a dire situation.

Sure Kevin Kolb and John Skelton aren’t playing very well right now, neither one of them.  It will be interesting to see what practice does for Kolb and Skelton as it will be practice that makes the final decision.  Neither will play Thursday night against the Denver Broncos.  Rookie Ryan Lindley will start.  Oh, and no, he is still not a viable candidate to win the competition.  That’s not to say he won’t play at some point this season, but not now.

A prevailing thought has been to go out and get another guy for the position.  Right now, I can’t see how that helps more than hurts.  You’d be looking at bringing in someone who has to learn a whole new system in a very short amount of time.  Basically, you’d be getting Kevin Kolb 2011.  I’m not against it all together, but you’re not going out and getting someone to start now.  You’ll still have to live with Kolb or Skelton in the meantime.

So, now it comes down to the last few days of practice before preparation for the regular season opener on September 9th.  Let’s hope coach Ken Whisenhunt makes his decision sooner than later for everyone’s sake.