Thursday Night Games Will Have a Bigger Impact on Team Records: Cardinals Seem to Benefit

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In the case of the Arizona Cardinals, they will be playing a relatively easy team in their schedule on a Thursday night — the St. Louis Rams.  And the following Sunday, they will be playing the Buffalo Bills, not the most difficult team in their schedule, but no pushover either.

I also like the fact that the Cardinals are playing their Thursday game in the first half of the season and not the second half.

However, one piece of bad news…the San Francisco 49ers will be playing a game on Thursday night before they play the Cardinals the following Monday night.  That gives the Niners a huge rest before their game against the Cardinals.  Fortunately, it’s a home game for the Cardinals — and you know that the Cardinals will be ready for their big matchup against the Niners, even though San Francisco may be a little more rested.