NFL Considering Moving 2015 Pro Bowl To Arizona


With the Super Bowl in Glendale hanging in the balance depending on what Arizona Senate Bill 1062 does, today came word that the NFL is considering moving the 2015 Pro Bowl from Hawaii to Arizona.  The move is not unprecedented.

The NFL moved the Pro Bowl in 2010 from Hawaii to Miami, site of the Super Bowl, in order to garner interest for the game.  It also came on the heels of the NFL not being able to come to an agreement with Hawaii.  Ever since then the NFL has been open to the idea of rotating the game to other sites other than Hawaii.  The game has been in Hawaii the past few years though.

While many do not care for the Pro Bowl because it is a game full of meaningless football action, it is a game people still talk about no matter what their opinion is of the game.  They’ve tinkered with the game in some ways recently such as have All_Star teams picked by Deion Sanders and Jerry Rice this past season.  At least the NFL is thinking outside the box in trying to create some more excitement around the game.

Moving it to Arizona may not excite many football fans, however it would excite businesses.  It’s an event that would bring more media, players and their families to Arizona.  Like it or not, it’s another shot in the arm for the local economy.  Right now it’s just a rumor, so stay tuned.  I do like the idea though.