Arizona Cardinals-Dallas Cowboys Not Flexed To Sunday Night


Many Arizona Cardinals fans called for NBC to flex Sunday Night Football for the matchup against the Dallas Cowboys on November 2nd

To no surprise on my part, the NFL has decided not to flex the Arizona Cardinals week nine game against the Dallas Cowboys.  The NFL has until Tuesday of the week prior to the game to make the decision whether to flex a game or not.  To be more precise, there needs to be a 12-day advance notice.

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The current scheduled matchup is the Baltimore Ravens at the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Although many view the Cards-Cowboys matchup as more favorable this year I always went with the thought that NBC and the NFL prefer to see the Steelers on primetime television.  Sure, it’s the Cowboys, but NBC would rather see the Ravens than the Cards.  They know the Ravens are a better national television draw and many are still not sold on the Cards.
Other than the local angle, there really wasn’t much of a difference between the contests.  They are both compelling.  The old saying is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  I think had the Steelers lost on Monday night to the Houston Texans, maybe, just maybe, the game gets flexed out in favor of the Cards-Cowboys.

This was probably the best chance to have a Cards game flexed.  There are some really good matchups the weeks the Cards also have compelling games.  The Cards could see the game on December 7th against the Kansas City Chiefs flexed if the Chiefs are competing for a possible division title at that point, bu the Cards play Thursday night four days later.  Plus they are on Sunday Night Football two weeks later already against the Seattle Seahawks.  The other issue is that week the Sunday night game is the New England Patriots at the San Diego Chargers.

You could also argue for the Detroit Lions game at Arizona in week 11 on November 12th but the scheduled game that night is New England at the Indianapolis Colts.  In other words, its not happening.  Cards fans will have to be happy with the one Sunday night game this year.  Besides, they will be on the most important Sunday Night Football on NBC game on February 1st.