Arizona Cardinals: Super Bowl XLIX Now 100 Days Away


The Arizona Cardinals take things one day at a time but as of today, Arizona is 100 days away from hosting Super Bowl XLIX

Since training camp started there has been excitement of the possibility that the Arizona Cardinals could be the first team in NFL history play a Super Bowl in its own stadium.  They missed it be one year previously when they were in Super Bowl XLIII in 2009.  Super Bowl XLII was in Glendale in 2008.

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With the Cards just missing the playoffs last year at 10-6, expectations have been pretty high for this Cards team and so far they’ve lived up to the billing with a 5-1 record.  Despite injuries, loss of free agents, and some inconsistent play, the Cards are still in first place in the NFC West.

There is still a long way to go for any team with Super Bowl aspirations, much less the Cards.  However now that as of today we’ve reached the 100 day countdown, it seems the possibility is more in reach.  It won’t be easy though.

The good thing is the Cards aren’t worried about that right now.  Coach Bruce Arians has them taking it one day, one opponent at a time.  You can’t play for the chance to go to the Super Bowl unless you beat your regular season opponents first.

This week they have the Philadelphia Eagles, another team that has been mentioned as possible Super Bowl contender.  They are also 5-1.  Then next week the Cards face the Dallas Cowboys, who are 6-1 and a strong contender for the Super Bowl.

It won’t be easy by any stretch but then again anything worth as much as playing a Super Bowl in your own yard shouldn’t come easily.  You know you’ll have earned it if you make it.  Hopefully it will be a memorable 100 days.