Arizona Cardinals: Top 10 Bets at 24

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With the NFL Draft now less than four weeks away, these are the 10 best bets for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals needs are pretty well known amongst fans and NFL insiders and draft experts.  On Thursday I detailed mock draft picks for the Cardinals by a number of people.  Here are the top 10 best bets for the Cardinals at number 24 in my estimation.

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With the greatest needs on the defensive line, linebacker, running back, and cornerback I think you could still see a player drafted at any one of those positions in the first round by the Cardinals.

10. Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

He got maybe the best size of any corner in the draft.  The Cardinals are looking for a CB and might come in under the radar to sweep away a Pac-12 guy like this.  It wouldn’t be the first time the Cardinals took a surprise defender in the first round from the Pac-12.

9. Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

Johnson I actually found as the Cardinals pick in one mock draft.  He can jump and the Cardinals are usually drawn to guys that can go up and get the ball at corner.  His lack of size may not matter much if he has the reach.

8. Randy Gregory, DE, Nebraska

There’s a good chance Gregory is gone well before 24.  However after his minor run-in with the law a couple of weeks ago, he could slip.  It won’t be all the way out of the first round in my estimation.  He’s too good of a player at defensive end to pass by for too long.

7. Eric Kendricks, ILB, UCLA

Kendricks was my initial mock draft pick for the Cardinals at 24 back in January.  I think with the free agency pick ups and the greater need at running back that the Cardinals would pass on Kendricks if one of Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon was still on the board.