Arizona Cardinals Getting Visit From QB Brett Hundley


Apparently the Arizona Cardinals are not ruling out drafting a quarterback after all

The idea that the pick comes to fruition is slim to none and I believe slim’s flight is pre-boarding at Sky Harbor Airport, however with the news that quarterback Brett Hundley is visiting the Arizona Cardinals, tells me they aren’t against drafting a quarterback this year.  Hundley, out of UCLA, played high school at Chandler High School here in the Valley.

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After quarterbacks Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston, it is a crap-shoot as to who would be the next quarterback off the draft board.  I don’t think Hundley is number three but certainly top seven or eight.  He also has familiarity with the area.

After that, I can’t see the Cardinals being able to land him.  Hundley is considered the third best quarterback however by  He is a projected second-round pick.  I can’t see the Cardinals drafting a quarterback that early, especially when they are already set at number one and number two for at least the next two seasons.

Hundley is known for his nice frame and quick release.  He is known as a good pocket passer but sometimes will leave the pocket when pressured.  I think he could fit in Arizona I just don’t think the trigger can be pulled on him unless the Cardinals have a plan the rest of us don’t know about.  This time of year, that is a definite possibility.

His downside is he is mainly a shotgun quarterback and as stated he will run if pressured.  That doesn’t necessarily fit a Bruce Arians offense.  All of this could be just the Cardinals doing their due diligence.  You never know where the Cards may fall.  Look at Matt Leinart in 2006.  No one, and I mean no one, saw him dropping into the Cards hands in the first round.  Different time, different situation but it does point to the uncertainty of the draft sometimes.

The reported plan is for Hundley to visit the Cardinals today.  After that he is reportedly headed for a visit to the San Diego Chargers, a team that has shown interest in him.