Arizona Cardinals Draft Preview: Todd Gurley


A look at Arizona Cardinals draft prospect Todd Gurley

Running back Todd Gurley from Georgia is one of the top 10 draft prospects that has been linked to the Arizona Cardinals in mock drafts and football experts.  He has been a popular pick for the Cardinals at 24 amongst many mock drafts.  However his stock has seemed to have risen a bit the past several days.

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There is no mistaking the fact the Cardinals could use help at running back, amongst other positions.  The talk around those that do mock drafts think running back is a good way to go the first round.  Gurley could be gone by number 24 though.

Three guys who think the Cardinals draft Gurley:

Rob Rang,, Pete Prisco,, Jess Root,

Now Rang and Prisco have Gurley going in the first round at number 24.  Root has the Cardinals getting Gurley at number 53 overall in the second round.  Wow.  I’ve not been able to find anyone else who has Gurley slipping out of the first round.  Interesting.

Strengths: Physical, quick, good hands, good pass blocker

Weaknesses: Durability/injury prone

What Twitter says:

My prediction: Gurley will go in the first round.  I agree he may not go until the mid-first round but I think he is off the board before Arizona can get him at 24.  The only way the Cardinals end up with him is if the trade up and I don’t see the Cardinals doing that, even for who many consider the best runner in the draft.

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