Arizona Cardinals Draft Preview: Alvin Dupree


A look at Arizona Cardinals draft prospect DE Alvin Bud Dupree

Defensive end Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree from Kentucky is one of the top 10 draft prospects that has been linked to the Arizona Cardinals in mock drafts and football experts.  Dupree’s name comes up more often than others and would be a very good pick for the Cardinals at number 24.

Dupree is a huge talent whose stock seems to be rising as time goes along.  Some people still have him being taken in the lower part of the first-round where the Cardinals draft but now some have him going as high as number eight to the Atlanta Falcons.

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Three people who think the Cardinals will select Dupree:, Brian Baldinger,, Toro Times

Strengths:  Long arms, good size, quick

Weaknesses: Lacks strength to cut free from blockers, can;t get hands up consistently

What Twitter says:

Dupree is a great pickup.  I’ve seen so many mocks and there doesn’t seem to be any agreement where he will go.  One thing is for sure, most mock drafters seem to value him.  I’ve only seen one mock that takes him after number 24 and that’s to the Dallas Cowboys at 27.

I’ve seen a lot of mock drafts where Dupree goes number 21 to the Cincinnati Bengals and 22 to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I’ve seen three this morning that have him going to the Falcons at number eight as I mentioned earlier.  Of course as usual it is all a guessing game.

Judging from the most recent mocks compared to the mocks from earlier this month and prior Dupree seems to be impressing more people as time gets closer to the draft.  Pass rushers are a hot commodity.  He had seven sacks in the 2014 season.  It seems to me as if scouts are expecting more once he gets to the NFL.

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