2015 Fansided Editor Mock Draft: The Arizona Cardinals Select…


Editors of the NFL Division completed the 2015 Fansided Editor Mock Draft

The Editors of Fansided’s NFL Division got together over the past few days to complete this year’s Editor Mock Draft.  The 2015 NFL Draft, which starts with the first round this Thursday evening, has been one much talked about.  This includes within the ranks of Fansided.

The pick for yours truly was an easy one to make considering the 23 picks made before me.  Now, I could have gone in several different directions but I went with the guy I thought made most sense and it is one that will come with both agreement and disagreement.  That’s the beauty of having our editors complete a mock for your reading pleasure.

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So without further ado, I will announce with the 24th pick of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals select….Todd Gurley, running back from Georgia.  It’s not a shocking pick and again there were a number of guys I could have gone with instead but here is my explanation of why I went with Gurley.

"The Cardinals were ranked 31st in rushing in 2014 and need immediate improvement on that in order to have a more balanced offensive attack in 2015. The lack of a running game in 2014 was a big reason why the Cardinals were not able to overcome the loss of Carson Palmer late in the season. The biggest question will be the injury concerns of Gurley. He is coming off a torn ACL but by all accounts has come out of it well and is on the mend. The true test will be when he takes the field in game action for the first time."

Honestly, there does seem to be some doubt out there about the Cardinals eventually going with a running back.  Running backs in the first round go as well together as apples and ketchup.  In other words, they don’t usually mesh.  I think guys like Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are the exception this year though.

What others are saying about the possibility of Gurley in the first round for the Cardinals.

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