Arizona Cardinals: 2015 NFL Draft Odds


The board at Bovada even includes whether Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson gets traded today or not

You could say to almost every NFL team drafting players tonight in the first-round and in the subsequent rounds that whoever you pick it is some sort of gamble.  Fans can get in on the gambling action too.  Most major sporting events show up on sportsbook boards.  The 2015 NFL Draft is no exception as Bovada sportsbook has set a number of props for tonight’s first-round.

So what kinds of odds would Arizona Cardinals fans be interested in?  By looking at the props, I’d say plenty.  The Cardinals are possible looking at grabbing a running back like Melvin Gordon or Todd Gurley.  Bovada has the over/under at number of running backs take in the first round at 1 1/2.  Interesting.  If you took the under, that means one of them drops to the second round.

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The over/under on Todd Gurley’s draft position is 12 1/2.  That to me is high.  Take the over.  He probably goes somewhere 15-20.  My money is on the San Diego Chargers.  If he miraculously makes it past the Chargers, then the Cardinals at 24 are definitely in play.

If Melvin Gordon’s over/under at 22 1/2 is to be believed, then the Cardinals have a great shot at him.  Would they take him if available?  This one is a tough call.  There is a mix of recent mock drafts with the over and under on him.  I’ll take the over.

Then they ask the question will Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson be traded before the final pick of the draft.  The odds are 2/1 saying yes.  The odds are 1/3 saying no.  Word right now is that this will be a no.  However as I’ve preached all along, expect the unexpected.  I say yes to this move.  Not necessarily to the Arizona Cardinals but I still think he gets moved somewhere.

Oh and yes if you are interested on the first pick of the draft odds, they have that too.  Florida Start quarterback Jameis Winston is 1/15 odds, Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota is 6/1 and any other player is 15/1.  In other words count on the pick being one of these two guys.  If there was an upset first pick I would say USC defensive tackle Leonard Williams.  It’ll never happen though despite some, including myself, think he’s the best player in the draft.

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