Arizona Cardinals 2015 Draft Steal, Question Mark


The Arizona Cardinals made it appear they knew what they were doing in the 2015 NFL Draft

The draft grades are in.  They are all over the board when it comes to the Arizona Cardinals.  One of our staff writers is currently working on a draft grade piece so his grades will be out later.  So how well do I think they did?  How well do you think they did?

Every year there seems to be a guy the Cardinals pick that is a steal and someone that is questionable.  I was able to find what I think is one of each.  Keep in mind this is just one guy’s opinion.  What the reality is will play out on the football field this fall.

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The steal of the Cardinals draft:

David Johnson, RB, Northern Iowa

Johnson rushed for 4,682 yards during his four years at Northern Iowa, including 1,553 yards last season.  He is bigger than Cardinals running back Andre Ellington.  He is a big back but is known for his great hands.

His hands is to me what makes Johnson a great steal in the third-round.  To be able to obtain a running back who can act like a receiver, much like Ellington can at times, and combine that with size and speed makes Johnson a guy I can’t wait to see on the field.  Johnson seems like the type of guy that can turn around a struggling rushing offense and could do so even if Ellington was standing on the sidelines if he got injured again.

The questionable pick of the Cardinals draft:

Rodney Gunter, DT, Deleware State

I won’t say this guy won’t work out in the end for the Cardinals.  For now, I trust for the most part what the Cardinals did.  However Gunter is so unknown, good luck finding any useable pictures of him.  One local media guy complained you couldn’t find video of him.  Clearly the Cardinals had video of him or he wouldn’t have been picked….I hope.

You look at the guy’s size and strength and you say alright he could be a guy that makes a name for himself.  Then you are told the guy needs to improve his technique as a pass rusher and you wonder what gives?  The Cardinals need pass rushers at this position.  It was thrown down our throats all offseason.  Now, they may get their pass rusher from elsewhere and Gunter adds to depth but I question the Cardinals taking a defensive tackle whose weakness is pass rushing, especially with a fourth-round pick.

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