Arizona Cardinals: Yet Another Reason To Be Fine Without AP


Current Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson went on a Twitter tirade Thursday

So Arizona Cardinals fans, do you still yearn for Adrian Peterson?  With every single passing moment I feel more and more confident in my opinion that he should never even have been discussed as an option for the Cardinals.

If the Cardinals drafting a running back in the draft didn’t convince you, then Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer putting out an ultimatum that he will be a Viking or play for nobody must have convinced you.  I was convinced the day he laid a hand on his child.  Now, he went off on a Twitter tirade on Thursday complaining about his contract and the Vikings.

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I’ve always been dead set against Peterson coming to Arizona.  I don’t think there were ever any talks, at least serious ones between the Cardinals and the Vikings.  Some tried to convince me otherwise.  Some tried to convince me people deserve a second chance.  Nope, not with what Peterson did.  I have a zero tolerance rule for people that hit women and children (unless they are defending themselves from attack by said woman or child).  Someone is willing to give him a second chance, the Vikings.

Free will?  He said honoring a contract.  Well, he has one.  With the Vikings.  He’s being paid handsomely.  He’s being given a second chance with open arms.  How about that Mr. Peterson?  How about you get your butt on a football field and practice with the rest of your teammates?  Don’t like the Vikings?  Don’t like your contract?  Boo hoo.

I’ve said it once, I’ve said twice, I’ve said it multiple times.  Peterson,as good as he is on the field, would never have been worth the off-the field distraction he would have brought to Arizona.  I want the best players here as much as the next Cards fan but at what cost?  This isn’t the New England Patriots.  This isn’t the Philadelphia Eagles.  Arizona doesn’t bring in just any person off the the streets just because the guy can throw, catch, or run with a football.  Peterson is a cancer and he brought it all on himself.  Go sell your sorrows somewhere else Mr. Peterson.