Arizona Cardinals: Top five fantasy prospects

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With the NFL Preseason a little over a month away, it’s time to take an early look at the Arizona Cardinals Fantasy prospects.

Every fantasy owner, including myself, is always looking for a way to get an inside scoop. You’ve come to the right place! I will give you the Arizona Cardinals’ top fantasy prospects that you should possibly look at drafting come draft time.

Honorable Mentions:

Larry Fitzgerald, Wide Receiver

Though his production has fallen off in the past season, through no fault of his own, Fitzgerald should definitely get a long hard look to be on your fantasy team. Fitzgerald’s lone 2 touchdowns came when Carson Palmer under center. The reason for his touchdown numbers being so low is a majority of opposing defenses are double teaming him which opens up opportunities for other receivers on the team. Fitzgerald finished with a respectable 784 receiving yards, expect this and his touchdown numbers to increase next season with the addition of other play makers on the team which won’t allow the opposing defenses to double team Fitzgerald as much.

Michael Floyd, Wide Receiver

Though Michael Floyd  is coming off an off year, he still managed to lead the team in receiving yards, and receiving touchdowns. Floyd finished the 2014 season with 6 touchdowns and 841 receiving yards. Though these are decent numbers, there’s definitely room for Floyd to improve on his 2014 numbers. With the team exercising Floyd’s 5th year option, he has all the motivation to put up impressive numbers.

David Johnson, Running Back

All rookies in fantasy football come with a “buyer beware” sign, so draft with caution. David Johnson is expected to back up Andre Ellington, but expect him to receive loads of playing time. I vision Johnson to be featured as a goal line back this season, which is why I suggest you take a look at him for your team. As a short yardage specialist, there should be plenty of touchdown opportunities coming Johnson’s way. Though he may not rake up the receiving yards, 6 point per touchdown for your fantasy team isn’t a bad trade off either!

These players shouldn’t necessarily be your priority come draft time, but would be good back up plans. Now, let’s get to the main list.