Arizona Cardinals: Pre-training camp look at the St. Louis Rams

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Editor Michael Condon of FanSided’s St. Louis Rams site Ramblin Fan spent some time answering questions previewing the upcoming season

The Arizona Cardinals will face the St. Louis Rams twice this season with a different look on offense.  They now have a new quarterback in Nick Foles.  They have a rookie running back in Todd Gurley.  Gone are Sam Bradford and Zac Stacy.

This is a pre-camp look at the Rams and get a feeling how the team will shape out and how fans are handling the rumors of a move to Los Angeles.  The Arizona Cardinals play the Rams on October 4th in Glendale and December 6th in St. Louis.

Do Rams fans consider quarterback Nick Foles an upgrade and do you think he is a difference maker for the Rams offense?

"Yes. Nick Foles is a nice upgrade from Sam Bradford. On the talent scale they are much closer, but from being a couple years younger, and clinging to the spectacular performance in 2013 Foles should be an upgrade from Bradford. if nothing else, his ability to stay healthy should prove to very valuable. I think Foles benefitted a little from Chip Kelly’s system, and I think Bradford will as well, but the fan base win St. Louis needed a fresh start. Foles provides a nice little boost and slots as the day one starter heading into camp."

How is rookie running back Todd Gurley coming along? Do you believe he will be ready to play come week one?

"All reports say Todd Gurley is progressing well. Some even speculate he may be able to start training camp on time, and if he can do that, watch out because this kid can play. Obviously a huge talent at Georgia, but the knee injury frightened a lot of teams. We have seen players come back from ACL injuries before, and now in record time. Adrian Peterson jumps to mind immediately, but doctors said his body was one of the most freakish, in a good way, they had ever seen. The Rams need to take their time with Gurley. All signs lead to him playing at some point this year. Tre Mason was a pleasant surprise last year and can certainly hold down the fort until Gurley is ready. If Jeff Fisher and co. were right about Gurley, he will be a beast when he’s ready"

Has the talk of the Rams possibly moving to Los Angeles deterred fans from getting excited for the upcoming training camp and regular season?

"Talk of moving to L.A. hasn’t dampened the spirits of St. Louis fans. If anything, it’s reinvigorated them to help keep this team in St. Louis and to do that they need to come out and support them this year. Ownership hasn’t been kind in the last few months seemingly disregarding all the positives about the city of St. Louis to make, what many seem to think is a personal goal, the move to Los Angeles a reality, but most fans are in the camp of staying in St. Louis. It’s tough when you haven’t made the postseason in a decade and you play in one of the more aged stadiums in the league, but the Rams roster is trending in the right direction and success breeds excitement. The Rams have a lot riding on this season."