Arizona Cardinals: 5 top free agent receivers

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These five free agent receivers could fit in with the

Arizona Cardinals

in 2017

One area the Arizona Cardinals need to address in the offseason is wide receiver.  They won’t need a major overhaul but they will need to make a splash addition or two.

Much will depend on whether Larry Fitzgerald returns or not.  However even with his return in 2017, the Cardinals still will need to fill his void going forward.  The could be difference between adding one or two receivers through free agency and draft.

The Cardinals are just north of $4,000,000 in cap space, so they can’t go wild and they shouldn’t. There are more important needs but this is yet still a need.

Guys like Alshon Jeffery or Pierre Garcon may be the best overall free agent receivers available but they will cost a lot of money, not to mention the idea the Chicago Bears may franchise tag Jeffery. So, it’s not in the Cards for either of them to land in Arizona.

There are some mid-level receivers however that could garner a look or two and find their way to Arizona.  Don’t count on any of them coming here but they are attractive nonetheless.