Arizona Cardinals: Don’t expect injured players back

The Arizona Cardinals are finding their injured stars aren’t healing as expected

The line given to fans from the Arizona Cardinals is that guys like running back David Johnson aren’t healing from their injuries as they expected.  Word is he will not return in 2017.

Is it really the injury though that is keeping Johnson out.  It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact the team is 4-6 and although still mathematically in the hunt for the playoffs, realistically that ship has sailed.

There really is no reason to bring Johnson back at this point.  The same goes for quarterback Carson Palmer or running back T.J. Logan.

It would seem the idea of Palmer returning in 2018 is very realistic at this point.  Receiver Larry Fitzgerald signed a contract extension last week for one-year.

While that doesn’t guarantee a return in 2018 for Fitz, it now does seem more likely than not.  Palmer is already under contract for 2018.  Then you get back what will be David Johnson’s fourth NFL season, another run for the Super Bowl is possible.

Rookie Logan was expected to miss 8-12 weeks initially, same as Johnson.  Now neither may see the field again in 2017 and that’s alright.

Certainly we will never truly get a straight answer as to whether these guys really could have come back or not but does it matter now?  It only matters if the Cardinals found a miracle, went on a three game winning streak at home and went back out on the road to Washington at 7-6 in mid-December.

For now, most just want all three healthy and returning in 2018.  Of course there is also a sincere hope the Cardinals start planning their offensive future in the draft this offseason.  They will need a quarterback and new number one receiver to compliment Johnson going forward.

Either way, we hope that Johnson, Palmer, and Logan all heal properly and can come back in OTA’s this spring.  Birdgang is counting on it!