Arizona Cardinals: Predicting the offensive line

The Arizona Cardinals have nowhere to go but up with their offensive line in 2018

Arguably the weakest link on the team in 2017, the Arizona Cardinals have been working hard to improve their offensive line.  They still have some work to do, however it has not been ignored.

Certainly injuries didn’t help last season.  The Cardinals lost a number of players to either a number of games or the season.

A couple of those guys do return to the team in 2018 but for how much longer?  Guys like D.J. Humphries and Mike Iupati will have to have good seasons.

Right now they have 16 players on the roster that are on the offensive line.  Clearly not all will make it.  Also expect some additions as the summer creeps closer to the regular season.

The thing that really will help the Cardinals is having guys like Humprhies, Evan Boehm, and Mason Cole that are versatile and can more around as needed.

Cole, a rookie, is one of a number of newcomers to the line.  The Cardinals also added Justin Pugh, formerly of the New York Giants and Andre Smith, formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals.

It is going to certainly be an interesting competition in camp.  The Cardinals, if they have learned anything from the past, should carry as many as 10 players on the line.

A.Q. Shipley will once again be the incumbent center but could be pushed by Daniel Munyer.  Korey Cunningham, a rookie from Cincinnati is also one to watch out for in the preseason.

So how will things shake out?  First of all, this prediction is going to likely include someone that won’t even make it out of camp.  It always happens that way.

Secondly, with all of the current players on the line, more than 10 of them have legitimate shots at making the roster.  It may not get much better that what you see now.

OL roster predictions: Pugh, Humprhies, Iupati, Shipley, Cole, Smith, Cunningham, Boehm, Munyer, Will Holden

Guys like John Wetzel and Vinston Painter also are in the mix.  Don’t sleep on this group.