Hopkins deserves big pay day from Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins received a contract extension on Tuesday

First of all, props to Arizona Cardinals receiver DeAndre Hopkins for negotiating his own contract extension.  Secondly, props to the Cardinals themselves for getting it done before the season starts this week in San Francisco.

Despite not having played a down for the team yet, the Cardinals proved how much they value Hopkins and what they expect out of him for at least the next several years. Hopkins current three year contract received a two-year extension.

Hopkins updated contract is worth $54.5 million, $27.25 million over the two-year period.  Of that, $42 million is guaranteed.  It is the highest non-quarterback contract ever in the NFL.

With star and future Hall of Fame receiver Larry Fitzgerald on his way to retirement in the next year or two most likely, the Cardinals knew they had to do something to ensure the position was in good hands once Fitz left. That said, let’s hope Fitz puts off retirement for another couple of years.

Hopkins was traded to the Cardinals from the Houston Texans in March.  This was the type of money the Texans felt Hopkins wasn’t worth.

Time will tell if the Cardinals are getting a good deal on this contract but so far over his first seven years of his NFL career, he has 632 receptions, 8,602-yards receiving, and 54 touchdowns.  He has caught over 100 passes each of his last two seasons, including a career-high of 115 just two seasons ago.

The team didn’t need to see him in a Cardinals uniform to know just how valuable Hopkins could end up being for this franchise.  With quarterback Kyler Murray throwing him the ball, it is a match made in heaven.

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Hopkins deserves this contract, especially if he continues to put up the same numbers in Arizona as he did in Houston.  Now it’s time to play, thankfully this issue is behind everyone and Hopkins can concentrate solely on football.

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