4 Arizona Cardinals players that must be benched immediately

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Arizona Cardinals
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Which members of the Arizona Cardinals should see the bench more than the field for the rest of the season?

It’s the seemingly annual “Arizona Cardinals cramp up down the stretch.” The Cardinals are plummeting out of holding the number one seed weeks ago and now need help to clinch their division as they reside as the NFC’s fifth seed.

In that time, some Arizona players have been awful or have also underperformed in crucial moments. Those players have made this list and should be benched immediately. On the other hand, the Cardinals have already locked up a playoff spot, so would benching these guys hurt them in the long run?

If the Cardinals chose to rest their starters, which is always possible (especially since they did it earlier in the year), the worst thing that would happen is that they would have to go on the road in the playoffs. The former of which is currently a reality right now.

Let’s get right into the players that should be benched immediately for Arizona.

Arizona Cardinals who should be benched

Arizona Cardinals
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Max Garcia – OL

Max Garcia has struggled mightily all year. No one will ever forget the abuse he took on the first play of the second matchup with the Los Angeles Rams on Monday Night Football. Aaron Donald ate Garcia’s soul with a devastating bull rush that set the tone for the entire game as Kyler Murray was sacked.

With four penalties and three sacks allowed, and countless other times he has lost the battle in the run game, Garcia has just been this year’s version of Mason Cole. It makes you wonder why LaMont Gaillard was let go before the season started.